Endless list of favorite characters → Captain Ray Holt, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Jessica Lange | American Horror Story (2011-14)

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it’s 1 in the morning and I’ve found myself on the legal advice subreddit

I love my skin!

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We are now the Inquisition.
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We are now the Inquisition.

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TV-Y7: Suicide, explosive decapitation, chemical torture, screaming electrocution, severe beatings, bending asphyxiation, spirit monster, hannibal lecter mask and bloodbending.

Idea belongs to ikkinthekitsune
Music: RipTide Music - Requiem

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Wakes up: drAGON AGE
Checks tumblr: dragonagecregonagedragonage
Goes to school: DraGoN A ge !
Bookstore: dRagON AG E?!?
Showering: *sings* DRAgoN AGE
Breathes in: Dragon
Breathes out: Age
Sleeps: Ah yes, drAGo n A geeEg
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What you did during Harmonic Convergence may have brought back the Air Nation, and that can only be good for restoring balance. That is the act of a great Avatar.

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